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Greetings to my Hiddlestoner brethren! We’re coming up on a milestone my Hiddles peeps. April is Your Humble Narrator’s birthday month and this blog is creeping up on over 9,000 followers! Yeah, you read that right…OVER 9000!


There shall be much rejoicing! Prepare thy selves for an awesome giveaway!

A friendly reminder that we are getting close! Awesome giveaway for my followers is on target. Stay tuned.

Your Humble Narrator is uncontrollably fucking excited.

Tom Hiddleston in Exhibition [x]

Unlike Joanna Hogg’s other films, Tom’s part is extremely small in this guys. He doesn’t even have a name, “Estate Agent”. Regardless, we all know we’re going to watch the ever-lovin’ shit out of those few seconds he’s on screen, don’t we?

It hit a the film festival circuit last year, but “Exhibition” releases on March 28th in the US and April 11th in the UK.