Official Tumblr Site for HIGH-RISE

Hello my Hiddlestoner Brethren! Just FYI, this is the official Tumblr website for the High-Rise movie (along with the 2 official Twitter accounts related to the film). So if you are seeing anything else on Tumblr/Twitter it’s either fan-run or a fake. Enjoy!


I’ve gotten a couple Loki requests so here he is!

Prints here!

Sorry if this has already been covered. Is there any downloadable copy of Tom reading The Red Necklace? Thanks so much. — Asked by gottaluvwolf

The Red Necklace is an audiobook voiced by Tom Hiddleston in the UK version and by Carrington MacDuffie for the US version [LINK]. I blogged about this a bit before [LINK].

So, you can only get his narration in the UK on the CD/Unabridged version [Edit: which appears to no longer be available via Amazon] (or the Audible UK Abridged version [LINK]…yeah, I know it’s annoying).

I have ordered from Amazon UK in the past to get the Octopussy and The Living Daylights audio book he narrates [LINK] (and also has an interview with him). So, it may also be possible to do the same for this one. I’m sure if you hunt around you will find download links from various “sources”, but I don’t supply that kind of information on my blog. I try to keep it clean on here as much as possible.

[Edit: Yes guys, I know about the other ‘sources’, but I will not post them. They aren’t legal. :) ]


I’m sorry Lisa but this was my case- everything was quite clear, everything adds up.
Hmm? What about the son, Sten? I suppose you missed another one there.

Sassy Magnus is Sassy. For the curious, he’s getting up in order to answer the phone in that last gif.

Happy Magnus Monday!

*a phone rings in the distance*

Congratulations on Year 2! No, thank You! You built it and we followed. And will continue to do so because it is a fabulous site. — Asked by gottaluvwolf

*sheds single tear* Thank you! :D